Your success and happiness, no doubt, depend a great deal on your thought and actions. At the same time we must also remember the fact that others especially good-friends can significantly contribute to our success and happiness. In others words, our success and happiness are closely linked to the attitudes and action of others towards us. Basically such attitudes and actions turn out to be a reflection of our own attitudes and actions towards them.
This world which we share with others is like a looking glass or mirror. It merely mirror and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. Frown at it and it in turn will look severely on you. Laugh at it and with it and you will find it a jolly good fellow. Give the world the best you have and the best come back to you. Spread joy and give happiness and you will be filled with joy and happiness.
If to win and make real and lasting friendship is an art, to preserve and keep those friendships is verily a fine art. We need months and years to gain a true friend. But losing a friendship could be a matter of moment. A thoughtless or rash act or word is enough to end a friendship that has lasted years. Friendships have to be nursed with care and preserved for the lifetime. Just like knowledge begets more knowledge and money begets more money, friendship also enable you to gain more and more friendship. You will improve your chances of having good luck if you broaden your range of friendships. Chance favors only the prepared and a man with more friends certainly stands a better chance of winning success. Our Ex. Prime-Minister Mr. Atal Vehari Vajpayee had exactly the same vision in mind when paid a historic visit to China in June-2003, and signed a landmark. “Declaration on principle for relations and comprehensive cooperation” with that country to mend fences and bolster bilateral cooperation including border disputes. As a result though belated China has now accepted Sikkim as part of India instead of regarding it an independent foreign country, as hitherto.
His’ Look’ East policy is also paying dividends. During his visit to ASEAN- India submit in Nusa-Dua in Bali Island of Indonesia on October 8, 2003 he signed the framework agreement on comprehensive economic cooperation with ASEAN proximity. Our cultural and economic relation with Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar have reached a high which earlier governments could not have even dreamt of while offering a 12 point peace package to Pakistan in an attempt to enhance people to people contacts, India decided to focus on strengthen the SAARC and demonstrate a mature response by using it for regional diplomacy instead of being bogged down by Pakistan’s obsession with Kashmir. This is boosted India’s image considerably in the international field. All this is due to the far-sighted policy of “Winning Friends” by our astute Prime-Minister.
However, one single careless word uttered in anger or haste is enough to destroy a friendship built ove4r the years. Beware of talking liberties with friends or taking them for granted. Friendship broken is like the husk shorn off the grain and putting back the husk will not make the grain to sprout. It is only to true that, folks you don’t like, don’t like you either. On the other hand, if you chance your tune sing and smile and support you.
If you hear a kind word spoken of a worthy soul you know, it may fill his heart with sunshine if you only tell him so. If a deed, however, humble helps, you on your way to go and seek the one whose hand has helped you. Seek him out tell him so. It would be better if these we love gave tender words while they are still with us than to say them over a grave. Those who are dead no longer need them and the words they longed to hear while they lived would only be wasted on the cold deaf ears inside the grave.