Damn I am getting the kind of feeling a guy gets when he has a break up. Tarun Choudhury an 82 year old learned gentleman, who is supposedly my grandpa in a way, gave me tons of wisdom this evening. He remembers seeing me 13 years back as a little kid when he took me to the Community Club at Jiribam, Manipur and flaunted me and bragged about me that his grandson sings beautiful folk songs and Nazrul Geeti and fixed a get together for an entire week where I was to sing to a certain number of people. Let me tell you, villagers love entertainment. The news of a 6 year old boy singing popular Bengali songs at a club with a harmonium was way too tempting for the people to spend a nice evening over a cup of tea listening to a small boy. The small number increased to a big crowd and on the last day, a stage was set up for me with a microphone. I remember none of this but Grandpa refreshed my faint memories. He told me loads of stuff regarding how to lead a life with will power and self confidence, and how Yoga and Meditation can enhance you mentally, physically and spiritually. He told me loads of stories of his life. Even a movie hasn’t enlightened me this way ever before.
As I was about to bid farewell, he removed his muffler and showed me a tumor on his neck. He suffers from cancer. I was freezed at that very instant. I didn’t know how to react. Grandpa’s smiling face was enough to motivate me to see life as casually it is. No matter how much of suffering you have, learn to smile. That’s what he told me.
And now as I am lying down, I realise how much of wisdom I have received today. Please respect old people. Don’t neglect or ignore them. When old age dawns, a companion is what one needs. A helping hand, a shoulder to rely upon is what they want. I did cry my heart out.