Sunset in a paddy land in Dharmanagar, Tripura (North)
Dharmanagar is a district town and a Municipal Council in the North East of India and the North Tripura district of the state of Tripura, India. Dharmanagar is a city with extreme natural beauty. The city also has its great history regarding the several emperors who ruled the city. Earlier in the ancient times the city had a large geographical area but along time it has been reduced drastically due to partition and other reasons. The city is located in the western hemisphere of the state of Tripura. The city of Dharmanagar is very famous for its historical monuments and palaces. The city has many such historic ruins which display the ancient old history of the city. Dharmanagar being a small town geographically the city is not so large and stretches up to 7.7 km in area. As per the latest measured census the population of the town of Dharmanagar was around 40,595. The climate of the city has been very stable. The city has been close to the coastal area in the south and the mountain range in the north experiences heavy rainfall. The summers and winters both are mild in the city and not so extreme. The iconic kalibari is the heart of city.
During the session, farmers were busy in their farming field to act of sowing paddy in Radhapur village of Dharmanagar subdivision of North Tripura district of Tripura state.
Farmers were busy in their farming field to act of sowing paddy.
Last Hours in a paddy field at Dharmanagar, North Tripura, India.
Landscape view of a paddy land near Dharmanagar, Nroth Tripura.
A boy having the time of his life in the paddy field.
Growing seeds in a paddy land near Dharmanagar, Tripura, India.
During the golden hour around in a paddy land of Tripura, an photographer was busy to capture the moments.
Charismatic hours around in a paddy land of Tripura.
During the session a farmer was busy in his farming field to act of sowing paddy in a village of Dharmanaga, Tripura.
Growing seed in a paddy field of Dharmanaga, Tripura.
Sunset at Algapur, Dharmanagar, Tripura