As on 21st May 2018 around 7.30 AM I have received a call from Dharmanagar District Hospital, reported that a rape victim was admitted to hospital and they need legal assistance.
As per statement of the victim, since long the victim denied the unethical proposal of one namely Imran Hussain and forcing her to get married to him, while he is already married and have children. Due to her refusal, as on 19.05.2018 around 1.30PM, she was tactfully abducted by one namely Imran Hussain and his brothers-in-law from old motor stand area of Dharmanagar. She was abducted to Kumarghat and she was badly tortured, physically assaulted and raped by the main accused Imran Hussain and in the same day evening thrown her at Pechartal Police Station area, locals rescued her and admitted to Pechartal Hospital and inform the Pechartal Police, later on, Pechartal Police contacted with her family and then she was shifted to Dharmanagar District Hospital. Next day 20th May 2018 on the morning the victim family approached Dharmanagar Women PS and orally reported the incident to Women PS, but police didn’t act accordingly.

Around 9 AM I reached Dharmanagar District Hospital and talk to the victim family, FIR written and submitted to Dharmanagar Women PS and requested to do the Medical examination as early as possible and but police has no intention to act accordingly. Next day I have met with Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Dharmanagar and discussed the case related matter, later on 23.05.2018 Dharmanagar Women PS did the Medical Examination of the victim.