Sukreswar temple is one of the most sought after temples of India which is located in the state of Assam. People from all across the country come here to visit the temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In Assam this temple is located on Itakhulli hill or Sukreswar hill in Guwahati. It too provides visitors with a beautiful view of the Brahmaputra River as the temple is located at the Southern bank of the river.

The picturesque view of the river is really breathtaking which gives immense pleasure to the visitors. The temple dates back to eighteenth century and is visited by people from around the world to celebrate the existence of Lord Shiva. The Premise of the temple also has a Vishnu temple and many Puja halls and complexes. The temple is famous for having the most colossal Shiva lingams in India and the sixth Jyotir Lingam.

The historical backdrop of the temple is related with Saint Sukra, who made a retreat at the Sukreswar hillock, where he consistently thought and adored Lord Shiva. Where he pondered is called Hastagiri according to the Kalika Purana, for it being looking like the mound of an elephant. This temple later was developed in the year 1744 by the King of Ahom, Pramatta Singh, who should have built numerous strict destinations during his standard.

In the year 1759, the ruler Rajeswar Singha took the charge of advancing the Shiva faction. The bank of the river on which the temple is found is utilized by the lovers for scrubbing down and performing other Puja exercises. The temple also has delightfully structured advances which lead to the sacred waterway and make the excursion to the river a stunning experience. Other than that, the grand excellence of the rising sun noticeable from the bank of the river makes the experience much all the more astounding.
The temple is known for having the biggest Lingam of Lord Shiva. This incredible Indian landmark of India is the commitment of the King of the Ahom line of Assam, Pramatta Singh. Consistently, aficionados from numerous distant spots including huge numbers of them from far off nations come here to take a brief look at this biggest Shiva lingam worked in the eighteenth century. Nearby the temple is a Nat Mandir. Despite the fact that the Sukreswar temple is still in acceptable condition however the contiguous Nat temple has been supplanted by sheet of iron.