So the day has again come. A day when bengalis tearfully bid goodbye to their beloved mother Godess Maa Durga. Who had come ‘home’ with her children to bless all of us and give us power to fight the ‘evils’ for the whole year? Its Bijoya Dashami today actually its called Vijaya Dashmi in rest of India. It’s a day when Indians celebrate victory(Vijay) of Good over Evil.
In Bengal it’s the end of the festivities of the Durga Puja. The Durga puja is a very unique festival celebrated by people of Bengal. Whole state stops everything to worship the Godess for 5 days.
Vijay Dashmi also marks a begining of another unique phenomenon for Bengalis called ‘Bijoya‘. It’s a tradition of spreading universal brotherhood. It’s a time when Bengalis visit each other with sweets and Wish each other “Shubho Bijoya” and men do ‘Kolakuli’ a tradition where people Hug eachother in a particular way. The ‘Kolakuli’ is of course
for same age guys and pronam(touching feet) for the elders. You get a treat of Narkel nadu(coconut laddo), Nimki(a snack ref pic), Ghugni(white peas curry) etc. This visit can go upto diwali so quite a long period to cover as much ground as possible. Nowadays of course most of the Bijoya is done through phone, email, SMS, Chat, Scraps, Facebook, Tweets (latest addition).
So as the women get ready for “Sindur Khela” and men get ready for the immersion procedures, kids get sad for the end of festivities.
I leave you with lots of Good Wishes for Dussera and for Bengali readers “Shubho Bijaya”.
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