Dr A.P.J.
Abdul Kalam, who was India’s eleventh President, and has been a scientist, a
technocrat, a teacher and thinker, brings his vast experience and keen eye for
detail to bear in discussing various aspects of governance. He articulates a
vision for India and what each citizen must do to make it a reality—it is only
by being honest, morally upright, and by working hard that we can achieve the
mission of a developed India. Dr Kalam also proposes realistic, step-by-step
solutions to issues of corruption, governance and accountability. Optimistic,
progressive and positive, he dreams of an India that can achieve wholesome
development for every citizen.
yet practical, ‘Governance for Growth in India’ is a timely roadmap for every
citizen to imbibe so that they can exercise their franchise in a thoughtful,
analytical manner and bring about real change in India.
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