On this day Goddess Durga is invoked in a group of nine plants
bunched togather called Navapatrika. this is performed only on the early
hours of Shaptami.The nine different plants which comprise the
Nabapatrika actually represent the nine different forms of Goddess
Durga. In the early hours of Shaptami, the nine leaves from the nine
trees are tied to the twigs of white Aparajita plant with yellow
threads. It is then bathed in the Ganga, accompanied by the chanting of
Then the Pranpratisha ritual is perforemed to divinize the clay idol of
Uma. The aim of this ritual to awaken the spirit of Durga as a worrier
Goddess. From the day of Saptami Mahisasurmardini Durga starts her
battle against the manifestation of all evils in the shape of Mahisasura
to save the Srishti- the whole world. 

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