What is SAVE Social Group?
The object of this SAVE Social Facebook group is to bring awareness, on Social and Legal matters; Social evils in the society and community; rights of the people under existing laws; to bring awareness among people in general, about their rights, both legal and social; cruelty and offences relating to Human Rights matters and other aspects incidental thereto. It is only illustrative but not exhaustive and any other topic can be added.

What We Discuss?

  1. One can put any question having any Social or Legal implications or any subject for discussion in this Group.
  2. Discussions shall also be invited or initiated by any one on events with Social or Legal implications.
  3. We can also discuss the burning problems facing the country and the state of Tripura.
  4. Questions can be put on any legal and social matter, which shall be addressed by our panel, led by GK Dutta and Pranay Debnath. Such questions can be put also on GK Dutta Official Page and gkdutta.com website.
  5. If anyone wants to keep secrecy or does not like to disclose his/her identity, such questions can be put inbox to GK Dutta, who will post the said question will be posted in this Group by changing the identity of the person concerned to be addressed by SAVIOUR. The identity of the person shall remain secret only with his/her and none else.

What to post and How to post?

  1. Posts directly concerning or related to any incident having Social and/ or Legal implications shall be permitted.
  2. No posts shall be allowed, without the permission of Admin (Administrators) of this group.
  3. The Admin (Administrators) shall have absolute right to delete any post or remove any member of the group without mentioning any reason.


  1. You can post anything related to India.
  2. You can share your social cause related post.
  3. You can add any member.


  1. Don’t post your PERSONAL & FAMILY Photographs.
  2. Don’t post anything related to discriminate any individual, caste, religion.
  3. Don’t use any slang language.

You are welcome to add any member and requested to make this group a success for social and community causes. These guidelines may be revised time to time and remain posted in “About” section of this group.