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GK Dutta is an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Development Professional Social & Human Rights Activist, RTI Activist, Writer, Photographer, Journalist, Trainer & Speaker from Northeast India.
GK Dutta
GK Dutta2 hours ago
Take pride that you live in a country that has such a rich history and heritage. Wish you a very Happy Republic Day 2020!
Always be proud that you are Indian because not everyone gets the privilege of being born in this great nation. Wish you a very Happy Republic Day!
Our nation is the greatest in the world, but let us strive to make it even better. Wish you a very Happy Republic Day!
A thousand salutes to the great nation of ours. May it become even more prosperous. Wish you a very Happy Republic Day!
May you have happiness to make you sweet, trials to make you strong, sorrow to keep you human and hope to bring joy to our nation. Wish you a very Happy Republic Day!
Happy Republic Day 2020! On this day, let’s recall the true heroes of India who sacrificed their lives to give us freedom.
Jai Hind!
GK Dutta
GK Dutta
GK Dutta8 hours ago
We, the people of India will be celebrating our 71st Republic day this year with great pomp and show. Republic Day is celebrated in remembrance of the day the India’s constitution came into force.

The constitution was adopted on November 26, 1949, but it was brought into effect from January 26, 1950, which also marked the 20th anniversary of ‘Purna Swaraj’ or complete independence from the British.

On the occasion of Republic Day 2020, I extend warm greetings to all of you on the eve of the 71st Republic Day of India. 26th January holds an everlasting place in our national memory because it is the day when modern India was born.

On this day, let’s recall the true heroes of India who sacrificed their lives to give us freedom.
Jai Hind!
GK Dutta
GK Dutta14 hours ago
দেখবার জন্য আমাদের চোখের যেমন আলোর প্রয়োজন, ঠিক তেমনী কোনো প্রত্যয় অর্জন করবার জন্য আমাদের ভাবনার প্রয়োজন।
- নিকোলাস খালব্রাঁশ
GK Dutta
GK Dutta
GK Dutta18 hours ago
শর ভাবে, ছুটে চলি, আমি তো স্বাধীন, ধনুকটা একঠাঁই বদ্ধ চিরদিন। ধনু হেসে বলে, শর, জান না সে কথা- আমারি অধীন জেনো তব স্বাধীনতা।
GK Dutta
GK Dutta
GK Dutta20 hours ago
Manoj had to pick up his father’s scrap business to support his family, but does it mean he should give up his dreams? He decided not to let fate play with dreams. Studying any and every book in the night, from the books he collected as scrap during the day, Manoj is a prime example that dreams come true for those who want them to happen.

This story about Manoj will make you believe in the saying “Never Stop Dreaming”
GK Dutta
GK Dutta
GK Dutta1 day ago
A loser can give thousand reasons for his failure. A winner has thousand reasons to lose but only one reason to win. And that one reason makes him the winner.

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GK Dutta
4 days ago
#LegalServices #AccessToJusticeForAll
On the theme ‘To abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the National Flag and the National... https://t.co/1MvXQTLiJH
5 days ago
Greetings to all the people of the beautiful state Tripura, Manipur and Meghalaya on Statehood Day. May this State continue to achieve new heights of prosperity.
2 weeks ago
#SwamiVivekananda #Social
"জীবে প্রেম করে যেই জন সেই জন সেবীছে ইশ্বর।"
আজ ১২ই জানুয়ারি ২০২০ইং স্বামী বিবেকানন্দ সমাজ সেবী সংস্থার ৩য় প্রতিষ্টা দিবস এবং বীর সন্যাসী বিবেকানন্দের ১৫৭তম জন্মদিন উপলক্ষে সংস্থার... https://t.co/SWXvWGbHPO
2 weeks ago
বনভোজন এর সবার সাথে আনন্দ বিনিময় <3
3 weeks ago
#FreeLegalServices #AccessToJustice
Today (02.01.2020) I was attend an Awareness program organized by NSS Unit of Tilthai RC (+2Stage) School, Tilthai, Dharmanagar, North Tripura. Watch Video: https://t.co/A9pzLFzk3Y https://t.co/7UmJYQqhCZ
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