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Talakad has a long history, about-facing to at any rate the eighth or ninth century when it was the capital of the Ganga Kings. In later years, it was likewise a conspicuous city under the Cholas, the Hoysalas, the Vijayanagar rulers and the Mysore Wodeyars, with each progressive administration adding its own particular engineering stamp to the city. There are 30 sanctuaries here under the sand. There is a nearby myth where individuals trust that the whole town got submerged in sand on account of the condemnation given by a ruler – Rani Almellamma.
The story goes
back to 1610… The Wodeyars were no lords then. Raja Wodeyar was a
chieftain under the Vijayanagar realm. Mysore was a little vassalage and
went under the order of the emissary of Vijayanagar at Srirangapatna,
After the decrease of the Vijayanagar domain in 1565,
the Mysore Wodeyars had been hoping to break free and frame their own
kingdom. The chance came when Tirumalaraja fell sick. He was tormented
with a tumor on his back, called bennu phani roga in Kannada. With his
condition compounding every day, Tirumalaraja went to Talakad with his
first spouse. The couple needed to implore at the Vaidyanatha sanctuary.
In Tirumalaraja’s nonattendance from the capital, his second spouse
Alamelamma assumed responsibility of the organization. 
On reaching Talakad, Tirumalaraja’s illness
worsened. Hearing that her husband was on his death bed, Almelamma rushed to
Talakad. Before she could reach the temple town, Tirumalaraja breathed his
last. Meanwhile, Raja Wodeyar attacked Srirangapatna and declared himself king.
Alamelamma was unable to enter Srirangapatna and remained in the adjoining
village of Malangi.
Being an ardent devotee of god Ranganayaka (Vishnu)
of Srirangapatna, Alamelamma used to loan her gems to the sanctuary. Each
Tuesday and Friday, Goddess Ranganayaki was embellished with the ruler’s gems.
After Raja Wodeyar assumed control, he pined for the gems, and needed the
sanctuary to keep them. He sent his officers after Alamelamma, yet she declined
to part with her gems. Raja Wodeyar sent his men once more, this time
cautioning them not to return with next to nothing.
At the point when the lord’s fighters drew nearer
her, Alamelamma gave them a pearl nose ring, yet declined to part with whatever
remains of her gems. Apprehensive of the lord’s fury, the officers pursued her,
however Alamelamma got her crate of gems and got away through a secondary
passage. The officers tailed her, however she kept running energetically. When
they surrounded her, she had achieved a bluff sitting above the Cauvery.

Realising that she had
to give the jewels to the Wodeyar’s soldiers or die, she plunged into the
Cauvery, but not before uttering the curse, “Talakadu maralagi, Malangi
maduvagali, Mysooru arasarige makkalagadirali.” Translated from Kannada, it is,
“May Talakadu be deluged in sand, May Malangi become a whirlpool, and may the
Mysore kings never beget children.”

The condemnation produced results soon. Keeping
with the custom of the Vijayanagara realm, Raja Wodeyar made courses of action
for fantastic Dasara festivities in Srirangapatna. This was his method for
demonstrating his amazingness to different chieftains. Be that as it may, on
the ninth day, one of his children kicked the bucket. In spite of the fact that
lamenting, the ruler did not scratch off his festivals. Rather, he requested
that a statue of Almelamma be made, and started offering love to the lady who
had reviled him.
From that point on, the illustrious couple has been
lovers of Almelamma. Simply after her love on the ninth day is the stupendous
Dasara finale led on the tenth day, or Vijayadashami. Every one of the four
children of Raja Wodeyar passed on, and he embraced his nephew Chamaraja
Wodeyar V, who succeeded him. Chamaraja got a child, called Raja Wodeyar II. In
any case, Raja Wodeyar II had no posterity and he too needed to embrace a
beneficiary. From that point forward, each substitute era of the Wodeyars is
Right up ’til the present time, the once dazzling
sanctuary town of Talakadu is covered profound underneath loads on sand. Except
for a couple gopuras noticeable over the ground, the spot looks like a desert.
The sanctuaries have been unnearthed commonly, yet the sands fly back to
conceal the sanctuaries under the hills for med by them.As for Malangi, the
spot where Alamelamma bounced to death, whirlpool risky stays right up ’til the
present time.

GK Dutta

GK Dutta is a Social Worker by Passion and Consultant by Profession. In 2001 he started his journey as a Social Worker and then there are the 20 years and have continued his Social and Human Rights Activities and through these journey, had a great privilege to working with various National and International Voluntary and Human Rights organisations.

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