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Khasis in Mawlynnong are devout Christians. Encompassed by orange and palm trees, stands a 100-year-old church in the town called ‘Church of the Epiphany‘. Tight stone ways with plants bearing orange blossoms contact the Congregation, which is a high contrast structure oozing an old-world appeal. There are no houses that transcend the Congregation tower.

According to history, Welsh Christian teachers came to Mawlynnong in the nineteenth century from Bangladesh and from that point forward, the town has been taking after a solid custom of Christianity. The administration site of Meghalaya peruses that the town was at first known as ‘Ri Kharpangkhat’ and it got the name of Mawlynnong amid the Christian mission of Rev. G A Jones. Mawlynnong, which means a Bunch of Stones, was gotten from the way that there are various rocks in the town that have holes in them. Interestingly, villagers interface the convention of cleanliness to Christianity. They say the ministers changed their lives and taught them approaches to achieve God through cleanliness.

GK Dutta

GK Dutta is a Social Worker by Passion and Consultant by Profession. In 2001 he started his journey as a Social Worker and then there are the 20 years and have continued his Social and Human Rights Activities and through these journey, had a great privilege to working with various National and International Voluntary and Human Rights organisations.

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