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A machan based on bamboo stilts combines extremely well with the normal encompassing giving it a look of a tree house.
Tree House is a survey stage based on the branches of the most astounding tree in the town. To include, no nails are utilized as a part of building this 85 feet high stage. The sky perspective offers a strange affair of looking down at the covering of Meghalaya’s backwoods converging with the fields of Bangladesh. It has been built by building a bamboo scaffold, associating upto five trees, inclining upwards; interestingly every one of the extensions and even the stepping stools are all tied with bamboo filaments. Also, as you rise through the shaky scaffolds and steps to achieve the stage, an inclination pressed with adrenaline sets in, over the trees, sitting above the outskirts of two nation’s consolidation, and remaining on a stage that appears like a situated Aladdin’s supernatural rug.

Actually, the ambitious town society has fabricated a bamboo cabin for guests. In this way, you can select a night stay also. The cabin has a little passageway that prompts a gallery, which is maybe the best a portion of the arrangement. A little into the town, there’s a waterfall, which the children have changed over into their own characteristic swim space. This prompts another colossal bamboo stairway (Literally Stairway to Heaven), on which you can see Bangladesh, if the mists allow that is.

GK Dutta

GK Dutta is a Social Worker by Passion and Consultant by Profession. In 2001 he started his journey as a Social Worker and then there are the 20 years and have continued his Social and Human Rights Activities and through these journey, had a great privilege to working with various National and International Voluntary and Human Rights organisations.

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