On last 23rd
August 2014, as a part of my Himachal Pradesh tour, I was at Van Vihar at
Manali, and that was my last destination for the day so I spent more time there
as part of evening leisure and enjoyed the glimpse of Mother Nature.
The Van Vihar
is full of tall deodar trees, lots of swings for kid’s and couples, small pool
with boating facilities. The park has many wooden and cemented chairs to sit
relax and may be talking to nature while touching it. It’s just so silent and
you will find lovely newlyweds hand in hand just drowning in the beauty of
nature. The most romantic part of it is, the sound of humming birds breaking
the silence of woods. One more heavenly thing about this beautiful place is the
soothing sound of river BEAS running quietly besides it. You can walk down to
river bed from this park and you will feel like being closer to god.
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