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Van Vihar is one of the most frequented attractions in Manali. Located favorably on the Mall Road, this park is full of tall deodar trees, lots of swings for kid’s and couples, small pool with boating facilities.
The park has many wooden and cemented chairs to sit relax and may be talking to nature while touching it. It’s just so silent and you will find lovely newly weds hand in hand just drowning in the beauty of nature. The most romantic part of it is, the sound of humming birds breaking the silence of woods. One more heavenly thing about this beautiful place is the soothing sound of river BEAS running quietly besides it. You can walk down to river bed from this park n u will feel like being closer to god.

GK Dutta

GK Dutta is a Social Worker by Passion and Consultant by Profession. In 2001 he started his journey as a Social Worker and then there are the 20 years and have continued his Social and Human Rights Activities and through these journey, had a great privilege to working with various National and International Voluntary and Human Rights organisations.

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