India is a developing country.
That’s what I read when I was a kid and today I am 30 years old but
surprisingly still I am learning the same phrase. That makes me sad.
What is the reason? Corruption, leaders, or something else?
Actually, none of them!
It’s us! We, the people of India are the
reason. Our ignorance that makes us believes that a messiah will come to
save us. That’s the attitude we definitely need to give up.
I want to discuss a very tiny topic here. It’s Deepavali, a holy festival of lights. That spreads happiness and prosperity.
But there is a small problem, the crackers!
In last few decades, the trend of bursting crackers has evolved. Seems,
there is a race of bursting cracker and the one with loudest sound will
Unfortunately, it is nothing more than a shameful show off of money.
Sorry about being so straight-forward but bursting crackers doesn’t make
any sense. Does it?
Deepavali is a “hindu” festival. Hindu! Which is not a religion; it’s a
way of living. And as far as I know, Hinduism has always been very
proactive about nature. Be it their Yajna for forests (yagya) or their
awareness for purity of the nature, it has always promoted love and care
for the nature. How can a festival of Hindus be so cruel to the nature?
Never! Diwali was never about polluting the eco-system. It is more than
bursting firecrackers, It definitely much more than that. It marks the
victory of good over evil, light over darkness, knowledge over
ignorance, purity over pollution. Diwali promotes cleanliness. It
resembles beginning of a new calender. It symbolizes celebration but
that celebration can never come at a cost of Mother Nature.
It’s just a Single day celebration, harm is negligible.
Really? This one Diwali night pollutes the eco-system as much as it gets polluted in whole year. That’s what report says.
One night of Diwali adds over 6000 metric ton of additional toxic
garbage to the city. (4000 in New Delhi & 8000 in Mumbai). And this
waste contains poisonous chemicals like phosphorous and ammonia. On this
one Diwali night, the noise pollution level goes tippler than the
allowable noise level, causing serious problems to elders, infants and
patients of your city.
The fume that pollutes the air by making it so toxic that one inhale of
that polluted air is equal to the harm caused by 13 cigarettes
altogether. Just one night of celebration it was!
Just because of this one night cracker bursting, thousands of children
are indulged in firecracker industry and many lose their lives because
of incidents and health disease they get from the factory. Isn’t that
A developing nation which finds it difficult to grant 450 crores to its
interplanetary mission, proudly burns 600 crore rupees, that too on
crackers and get hiked pollution level in return. That’s completely
And if we still think that why should we care? Then we have no right to
expect good days for us. Remember, We do not inherit the earth from our
ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
Do not let that happen. Do not compare yourself with others. If you
think you are above them, just show it instead of comparing it.
 Spread love not fumes. Celebrate a pollution-free Diwali.

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