Since 2001 I am earnestly involve with all types of social service work and also struggle with all kinds of illegal social activities. I am also interested in helping others? Meeting new people? Making an impact at home, and around the country? I am also using my time and talents to provide hands-on assistance to enhance my communities. Through these experiences, I am also acquire new skills, cultivate lasting friendships, meet challenges head-on and learn a lot about them in the process.




25 November 2003 – 31 December 2004

Chief Organizer & Director at Voluntary Creative Association.

Developing volunteer position descriptions • Community outreach to find volunteers • Screening and matching volunteers to organizational needs and opportunities • Training and orientation for volunteers • Scheduling and supervision of volunteers • Volunteer recognition In addition I am also responsible for oversight and management of the volunteer program, including: • Assessing organizational need and capacity for volunteers • Creating volunteer program materials

01 December 2005 – 31 December 2007

Chief Organizer at The ADEFC Groups

To provide the needful education to the “DROPOUT STUDENTS, SCHOOL LEAVING CHILDS, AND UNEDUCATED CHILDS” with these provide the needful educational coaching free of cost to the school reading poor students.

05 December 2004 – 31 May 2008

Secretary at Uddipak SH Groups

Self Help Group (SHG) Movement has been recognized as an effective strategy for mobilization and empowerment of rural people, particularly poor women and other marginalized groups. * Increase in overall awareness level about their status and approaches for development. * Social empowerment in terms of improvement in their confidence, self perception, communication skill and other behavioural changes. * Participation in developmental activities (participation of women SHGs in Gram Sabhas have increased manifold). * Mobility of rural women has increased for various socio- economic developmental activities. * Decision making capacity at household level as well as at community level has increased and become more meaningful. * Bargaining and receiving capacity of rural women have increased thereby making socio- economic programmes and facilities more accessible to rural poor.

09th December 2007 to Present

General Secretary Cum Chief Executive at SHEBA NGO.

SHEBA (Socio Humanity Expedition And Blooming Association) is an NGO that aims to provide people from the country over the opportunity to work in evaluated and credible villages in India. Programs are selected that best match the skills, area of interest, expertise, and time availability of the individual, with a view to strengthen and add value to the ongoing work of India’s social development sector. We work at the grassroots level on a variety of social issues like education, health, equal rights, environment, social interaction and rural development and have already positively impacted the lives of hundreds of people living in socially deprived circumstances. Many women have been helped by programs defending equal rights, many children of all ages have had chances to develop through literacy programs and other educational activities, many lives have been improved by well-developed health and awareness programs… Our ongoing investment in our volunteering program will enable us to effectively and positively keep on impacting the lives of many of Tripura’s most disadvantaged people.

10 December 2010 to Present

Member at Tripura Human Rights Organization and Member at various National and International Human Rights Organization.

As a human rights activist I believe and work in order to promote and campaign for the basic rights and freedoms that humans are entitled to. As a human rights activist I have bring out the various human rights violation in the public domain and campaign to restore these rights. On the whole, as a human rights activist I have involved in a wide range of campaigns like prevention of hate crimes, prevention of physical torture of convicts, campaigns for political and civil rights, gay rights and many others and campaign against the various kinds of human right abuses and bring these issues in the limelight of the media and the public eye.

May 2013 to present: District office Secretary at Tripura Human Rights Organization, North Tripura (Elected)

01st April 2012 to Present:

Regional Coordinator; EduHeal Foundation

EHF is a registered International NGO promoted by leading educationists, corporate heads and media doyens. EHF is actively engaged in searching talented school students by reaching out to 4000 schools and 6 lakhs students annually.

25th May 2013 to Present

Para-Legal Volunteer at Tripura State legal Service Authority (TSLSA)

As PLVs my role is to ensure legal aid reaching all sections of people ultimately removing the barriers into access to justice. The Para-Legal Volunteers (PLVs) are expected to act as intermediaries bridging the gap between the common people and the Legal Services Institutions to remove impediments in access to justice. Ultimately, the process aims at Legal Services Institutions reaching out to the people at their doorsteps rather than people approaching such Legal Services Institutions.

23 November 2014 to Present

Founder, My Village-My Pride

My Village-My Pride is a unique camping to promote the Tradition, Culture and Lifestyle of the people of Northeast India to the world. Through this camping we hope that the young people should be expecting to learn more about their tradition, cultural and heritage as well as leniency and veneration for other cultures and traditions.

05th March 2015 to Present

Founder, Let’s Make A Smile

Let’s Make A Smile is a cause working to create lasting change in the lives of children, elderly people and communities living in poverty and injustice. Let’s Make A Smile serves all people regardless of religion, caste, race, ethnicity or gender.

05th March 2018 to Present

Founder, You Are Not Alone!

This campaign is dedicated to provide legal assistance to safeguard, nurture, and empower survivors and individuals who are most vulnerable to become victims of human rights abuses throughout the Tripura subcontinent. You Are Not Alone campaign’s primary focus is to end widespread violence against women and girls, to change societal values and attitudes towards women and girls, and to install the value and dignity of human rights within villages across the state.