It has been said many a times, “The future of a nation always rests on the shoulders of its youth”. And this is being proved by the youth of India. Showing greater interest in the growth and development of the country by getting involved in Indian politics, government sector and initiating various innovative projects for the country’s welfare, a difference is being brought about!
In the last few years, projects such as ‘Teach India’ (an initiative by the Times of India) came into light where in many college students actively participated. They taught the under-privileged street children and orphans at various schools, centers and NGOs.
Many campaigns are coming up which deal with serious issues such as global warming, saving the wildlife, corruption and many more which involves active participation by the younger generation. The ‘Jaago Re’ campaign initiated by the “Tata Tea” encourages the one billion citizens of the country to exercise their duty and to be committed. In one of the advertisements of the campaign, the actors have shown growing awareness amongst the youngsters who have taken the responsibility to awake the sleeping and warn the corrupt people to behave as a responsible citizen of the country. Today’s youth is now firmly following their latest mantra which is ‘to be the change’. The ‘Jaago Re’ campaign really helped creating awareness about the importance of voting.
In fact, India now shares the shining position of having the ‘youngest teacher in the world’ with Babar Ali from Murshidbad in West Bengal. He is also the youngest headmaster in the world. Babar is only sixteen years old who understands the importance of education in everyone’s life and so he took the responsibility of educating his village children in his backyard. At the same time, he has not stopped his studies. He goes to school in the morning and teaches in the evening. He is one amongst the responsible and aware generation who understands his role towards his nation. Also, Babar is the first person in his family who is receiving proper education and so he understands the role of education in one’s life. He is running his school with the support of his village people and government fund.
India is a country of festivals and with festivals come celebrations which many people in India do it with crackers. Diwali is that one festival in which the crackers plays an important part in its celebration. But now Indians are growing more aware of its harmful effects on environment and also the involvement of child labor in its making. The credit of this rising awareness also goes to youth who are promoting festivals and campaigns based on subjects such as ‘saying no to crackers”. ‘Navsrujan’ is a small group formed by the students of IIT Bombay who are asking the people to use Ganesh idols made from silt or other bio-degradable matter so that it will not pollute the water bodies into which these idols are immersed.
Leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot and Jyotiraditya Scindia are actively taking new and creative ways for nation building. In fact, they are inspiring many youngsters who are now willingly looking forward to work for the nation. This has definitely opened the minds of the younger generation towards Indian politics who earlier used to run away from it.
There is no doubt that Indian youth is setting examples for everyone and they are proving themselves in every field, in home country and abroad as well. And there is bound to be progress in the country if the youth would continue to move forward towards making a better India.
Arise! Awake! stop not till the goal is reached.