You Are Not Alone represent a campaign of GK Dutta’s social initiative. This campaign is dedicated to provide legal assistance to safeguard, nurture, and empower survivors and individuals who are most vulnerable to become victims of human rights abuses throughout the Tripura subcontinent. You Are Not Alone campaign’s primary focus is to end widespread violence against women and girls, to change societal values and attitudes towards women and girls, and to install the value and dignity of human rights within villages across the state.

We are dedicated to preserving the rights of all innocent children, women, and men throughout Tripura. Using the tools given by National Legal Services Authority, we pledge to combat against the occurrence of slavery, human trafficking, child marriage, acid attacks, sexual assaults, domestic abuse, and end all forms of violence against women.

* Preserve Universal Human Rights
* End Violence Against Women
* Prevent Child Marriage
* Stop Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Women & Children
* Rescue Victims of Human Trafficking & Slavery
* Promote Societal & Gender Equality
* Reform Criminal Justice System for Violence Against Women

Permanent success in the fight to preserve Universal Human Rights is possible only through active participation and collaboration with as many members of our society as possible. If you would like to get involved with the GK Dutta’s #YouAreNotAlone campaign and become a volunteer, please submit an email describing your interest with professional biography and resume to All submissions must contain the above information in order to receive a response from us.

Legal AssistanceRescueProtection and Shelter these are tools we at You Are Not Alone campaign use to change the way we are able to save lives and preserve universal human rights. By making a DONATION today you have the opportunity to help the women, children, and men, use #YouAreNotAlone campaign to ensure they live their lives without fear of the violation of their rights as human beings.